In partnership with Neles and Valmet

Inteka is partner of Neles and Valmet, recognized international companies, that offer products and services for industrial process control and optimization.

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Remote control of pumping system with platform A2V-NeT

Thanks to the implementation of a remote control pumping system, through the A2V-NeT platform, Inteka managed to improve the availability and efficiency of the irrigation system, through an online monitoring system for water reserves.

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Telegestión de sistema de bombeo con plataforma A2V-NeT

Gracias a la implementación de un sistema de control de bombeo telegestionado, a través de la plataforma A2V-NeT, Inteka logró mejorar la disponibilidad y eficiencia del sistema de riego, a través de un sistema de monitoreo online de las reservas de agua.

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ICS network for Lumin

With the aim of improving the Lumin control network, Inteka implemented an industrial network for ICS (Industrial Control Systems), separating the old general plant network into two areas; administrative network and ICS network.

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