Remote control of pumping system with platform A2V-NeT

“El Junco” is a recognized agroindustrial establishment, and one of its main businesses is the production of high quality rice for seed. The quality of irrigation during sowing is one of the determining factors of crop yield, so it is key to perform continuous monitoring and intelligent management of irrigation to ensure quality and yield, while optimizing the use of water and electric power.


To achieve these challenges, Inteka proposed the installation of a remote control pumping system. For this, the A2V-NeT web platform was used, a product developed in-house by Inteka, and integrated into the existing command system using Inteka’s engineering and integration services.


The solution was provided on a turnkey basis, covering the scope from the supply and assembly of a control cabinet, to the commissioning and commissioning services and the subscription to the A2V-NeT online services. The system was launched within 30 days.


Thanks to the implementation of this solution, it was possible to improve the availability and efficiency of the irrigation system, as well as to save energy costs, eliminating the need to have operators dedicated exclusively to the pumping operation. In addition, the system provides the client with online monitoring of water reserves, facilitating the planning of operations.