Valmet IQ

Valmet IQ is a comprehensive quality monitoring and control system that covers the entire pulp and paper production line and beyond. It combines any of the key elements of a QCS system, from measurements, controls, and profilers, to condition monitoring and machine vision, into one scalable system, making it the market-leading solution. With Valmet IQ, you can optimize your entire production process and the end product quality as well as maximizing your business results.


The latest generation Valmet IQ consists of all the devices and applications needed to monitor and optimize both process performance and end product quality. From our measurements and profilers to our wide range of quality control applications, all components of a Valmet IQ solution are designed to work together.

Inteka - Valmet QMS


Guaranteed compatibility between different generation IQ products helps to future-proof your investment and maximizes the effectiveness of existing equipment. They are also designed to work seamlessly with other automation systems and all paper machines regardless of manufacturer. So whether you choose a stand-alone IQ solution or a complete quality management system, you can be confident that it has been designed and built to deliver the performance promised.


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