Valmet DNA

Valmet DNA is an automation and information platform for process control. It combines all controls for process, machine, quality, supervisory, drive, as well as optimizations, and mechanical condition monitoring into a single platform.


Also Safety Instrumented Systems and batch solutions are in a Valmet DNA scope. Valmet DNA can be used also as a PLC, Soft PLC, or SCADA system. Valmet DNA can range from a micro-size system – including the world’s smallest fully functional user interface – to mill- and plantwide systems supporting global organizations.


The Valmet DNA system architecture is designed to meet the following requirements:

  • High system reliability, achieved by using proven system components.
  • Flexible usage, achieved by operational functionality in various locations.
  • Sophisticated analyzing and reporting needs.
  • Advanced control tasks and algorithms.


Valmet DNA is based on the knowledge of developing Distributed Control Systems (DCS) over 30 years.


More information at Valmet’s official site:

Inteka - Valmet DNA - Control room